This is the year to celebrate Scotland’s many coasts, rivers, freshwater and saltwater lochs (lakes) !
Some useful or not so useful statistics….( good for quizzes!) …….There is approximately 30,000 square miles ( 77,700 square kilometres) of coastline, there are over 30,000 freshwater lochs or lochans ( wee lochs!), there are approximately 800 islands off the coast , approximately 180 are inhabited ! Our saltwater lochs are like fjords, long arms of the sea stretching inland for many many miles. Our freshwater lochs are deep……. a result of glacial effect thousands and thousands and thousands of years ago!

We have much to celebrate!
There’s many outdoor activities on the water, under the water also, however if you prefer there are many coastal walks, on the mainland and on the islands, walks around or along our lochs ( depending on how large!)

Being part of island we have a wonderful selection of delicious seafood from crab, lobster, langoustines, haddock, salmon, cod to name a few, my favourite is scallops! Oh and Haddock especially from a fish and chip shop ( we have a wonderful selection !)

There’s a variety of sea mammals, dolphins, porpoises, whales, & if you’re very fortunate orcas,  closer to the coastline are otters.

Our freshwater rivers, there are many from mighty rivers like the River Tay (longest in Scotland) to the smaller rivers and streams known as burns in Scotland, fishing is a very popular pastime.



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