Marie Stuart is a fascinating character in Scottish and English history!
The struggles bewteeen the two most powerful women both Queens in their own right on either side of the Border between the two countries, have seen a huge interest over the centuries.
Even more so now since the release of the film “Mary, Queen of Scots “ which was filmed in Scotland, at the beginning of 2019. Starring Saoirse Roman and Margot Robbie amongst a heap of well known actors.
There are many places associated with Mary, Queen of Scots in Scotland which can be visited ie Linlithgow Palace in West Lothian ( close to Edinburgh ) Falkland Palace in Fife, Palace of Holyroodhouae, Craigmillar Castle both in Edinburgh, Queen Mary’s house in Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders to name a few. Plus many of the film locations can be visited also, Blackness Castle is one example.