1. Packing!
Weather is very changeable in Scotland ………bring layers of clothing ( be like an onion & peel off!) and always a sweater even in July/August!
Rain jacket with a hood is a must (waterproof) umbrellas can be difficult to hold in the wind!
walking shoes, gloves & scarf ( just in case!)

2. Medicines & prescriptions
Pack medicines in carry on luggage & bring copy of prescription in case medicine runs out

3. Electricity
As in other parts of the UK Voltage is 220-240v, advisable to purchase a universal adaptor
No electrical sockets in bathrooms apart from 110v for electric shavers only

4. Midges ( wee beasties!)
Bring or purchase on arrival insect repellent and antihistamine, maybe required May through August mainly in the north and west of Scotland ( Ireland and Iceland have them too!)
Similar to noseeums & chitters in some parts of the US !

5. Money & Taxes
As in the rest of the UK we use £ sterling, paper (plastic for £10 &£5) notes of £20, £10, £5 are most common ones used, there’s £50 note also.
Coins are £2, £1, 50pence , 20p, 10p, 5p, 2p, 1p
Some stores will offer Tax return if purchases are over £30/50 (check with each store) this involves a form competed in store with purchase & handed in on leaving UK at airport, VAT is 20% in UK the money is returned to you via your credit card after your visit.

6. Safety
Be a savvie (be aware) traveller …….Scotland is a relatively safe country, however make sure you use hotel safes for valuables, and keep money & cameras safe &

7. Be flexible ……..our weather as mentioned can be changeable and sometimes unpredictable! Ferries, trains & other transport may be cancelled or rerouted!

8. Be adventurous with our food & drink…….taste the haggis, black pudding, sticky toffee pudding, tablet, shortbread, langoustines, lobster, crab, haddock, whisky, gin, local beer
All in moderation of course!

9. Remember to pack câbles for all the electronic devices ………phones, laptops, tablets, cameras etc etc etc!

10. Take plenty of photos and send them to friends and family to encourage them to come visit Scotland!